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Wholesale Inc. The Southeast's Largest Wholesaler of Automobiles started from the ground with simple beginnings in the Nashville area. The founder, Steve Brewster, began like many entrepreneurs with a passion and a perseverance to succeed in an unforgiving and challenging industry.

Wholesale Inc. was founded a little over 12 years ago with Steve just buying, trading and selling a few cars to local dealerships and has grown to the Largest Wholesaler in the Southeast buying and selling over 4,000 cars a month! A lot of Hard Work, determination, and a few failures here and there, have made us what we are today. We keep growing and growing because we do things the right way…

We are a customer driven company and strive every day to do the right thing. Our Buyers work hard to find the best cars possible and our Dealer Sales Team does everything they can to assist in making buying cars from us hassle free and a positive experience, so much so, that we have a 30 Day Guarantee on every car bought… No one else stands behind their stuff like we do.

We do more than just Wholesale cars. Wholesale Inc. has 2 Retail locations, (http://wholesalenashville.com) selling 400+ cars a month, and our own Transport company, Wholesale Express (http://www.wholesaleexpress247.com/about), moving 10,000 cars a month too. We believe in our community and give back every chance we get (http://wholesaleincnews.com).

We are thankful for our blessings and truly thankful for all our Customers and our future Customers. If any of us can help in any way we are a call, text or email away.

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